From 1997, Capital Group ensures stability and proficiency, while offering innovative solutions to its customers: all these are much needed in the ever-changing global arena. When you seem to have it all on the domestic market, time may have arrived to take a step forward and explore new markets. Relying on outsourcing may put operations at risk, so finding the right partner is crucial. The international consultancy firm Capital Explorer, a member of Capital Group, is aiming at reaching out, paving the way and thus creating value to its customers worldwide. The client’s success is the target, open communication is the key to deliver expected results.

Capital Explorer is your partner both in the decision-making process, with providing tailor-made market analyses, and in the implementation phase, with providing assistance by acquiring the relevant experts for the project. Operations in the United States, Hungary, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania gives a genuine insight into synergies as well as forecasting market movements. Your company may just need a crutch to explore the market, or you may prefer to concentrate on core activities and mitigate the risk of expansion with leaving the rest of the work to us, with our partner network, we are ready to provide the righ solution. The customer-needs-driven business strategy and thus the project-based hub role of Capital Explorer ensures the ability to find the perfect match to your needs exclusively.


They say, there are three types of companies: those who make things happen, those watching things happen and those wondering what’s happened. Our mission is to create value for the first type and offer nice bedtime stories to the rest.


Competition no longer takes place between individual competitors, but entire value delivery networks. Tackling upcoming challenges when designing it in a new market is crucial. Understanding the marketplace is the key to any operation in a new environment, so after a needs assessment, gathering relevant information, producing insights and thus influencing business decisions is the way to get things done.


being the expert or being able to find the expert

discovering unmet needs and thinking out of the box

ready to make a difference

to creating value for our business partners

in delivering results

in exceeding expectations

for customer relations


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